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Insider Tips and information on How to Save Hundreds if not thousands of Dollars from scammers. Be the first to learn New ways to protect your money, and the new and latest scams and frauds. this is “money Watch.”

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My Forum allow users to exchange ideas and experiences, which will help educate them on how not to be victimized by this fraud epidemic. so by sharing our experiences, we help others.


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Welcome to Online Banking Fraud Protection

This site has been developed by a senior specialist in the industry of banking fraud. Here we reveal the tricks and trades of scammers in the banking industry. we also advise you on practical ways to keep your account and information safe. Comments concerning fraud will be responded to by our experienced personnel. Thank you for joining us in helping you save money.

Fraud Victims and Losses Continue 3-Year Rise
2012 12.6 Million U.S. Fraud Victims
2013 13.1 Million U.S. Fraud Victims
2014 12.7 Million U.S. Fraud Victims
2015 13.1 Million Victims
2016 15.4Million U.S. Fraud Victims
2017 16.7 Million U.S. Fraud Victims

Source: 2018 Identity Fraud Study, Javelin Strategy & Research

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Question and Answer sessions via live chat will be available twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday for 2 - 3 hours otherwise comments will be responded to in the order that they are received. Also paid members will be able to communicate with others within the forum. You will have the ability to make friends, groups, and/or create forums. This will help pull others along in combating fraud.

Helping you Save money to Enjoy your lives

True Story: Gentleman finds a great job opportunity in another state. He applies and gets the job. He is very excited to move forward in his career with an exciting and better paying job. He finds and apartment on this popular website “?List.” He speaks with a gentleman about the apartment many times during a span of several months hoping to secure it to relocate for his new position. Of course there’s generally a deposit with any apartment lease. He transfers $2500 of his own money to the gentleman for the deposit on the apartment. He packs all of his belongings and moves to the new state days before he is due in to work. He gets to the state to find that there is no apartment, no street, no gentleman, no refund. He is devastated. These are real lives broken due to scams and frauds. Please join our forum to add your insight to help others if you’ve been scammed or to learn how not to be a victim. 

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